El Dorado Disposal Bike Build 2023

We look forward to a bigger 2023!

El Dorado Disposal's goal is to buy, build and deliver at least 175 bikes this year. We need your help to achieve this goal. ​ Please help us with a contribution.

If you would like to donate towards the purchase of bikes and gifts, please click the "Donate Now" button to make an online donation or contact our office at 530-626-4141​ or 916-985-1162.

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What is the Waste Connections Annual Holiday Bike Build?

WHAT: Our goal is to create a lasting memory for disadvantaged children to experience the joy of receiving a new bike at Christmas that they otherwise would not be able to get.

HOW:​ Simply put – Waste Connections employees self-organize to raise money, buy bikes, build those bikes with our families and then give them to charities to deliver to children in need.

WHY:​ Part of our culture is our commitment to our communities. We have a particular passion for helping children in need and at risk. Over the past 23 years, Waste Connections has grown our annual Bike Build, providing over 75,000 bikes to children in our communities. We don’t do it for recognition. We aren’t pressured to do it. We do it because we genuinely care about the children in our communities and it fills our hearts to know that we can bring joy to very deserving children.

HISTORY:​ The program started literally from a dream of a past employee in 2001. Patrick Murphy was inspired and moved by a challenge presented by his pastor. His vision was to give a shiny new bike to children that otherwise would not get one for Christmas. The first year, WC employees raised money and built 16 bikes that they gave to a couple of local charities - one of which was Christmas Promise. The next year, 66 bikes were built and donated. In the third year, the company asked vendors to help with donations to grow the program. That year, employees built and donated almost 250 bikes.

From that point, the program was expanded to individual districts. With each year and each company that joins the Waste Connections family, it continues to grow.

Those who have participated in the past can attest to the powerful and moving impact it has on our employees, the non-profits we support, and most importantly the children that receive the new bikes.