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Household Hazardous Waste

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Hazardous Waste generated from a Commercial or Business source must have a Hazardous Waste Account established with the Material Recovery Facility and will be charged.

Household Hazardous Waste can be dropped off on Friday - Sunday from 9:00 - 4:00 pm for free. HHW will be closed when attendants tentatively take breaks at 10a & 2p, lunch between 12 - 12:30p. Times may vary depending on situations and there could be a wait during those times.

Propane Tanks are a free drop off with a *Limit of 4 single use tanks or 2 five gallon tanks.

Due to Department Of Transportation Laws there is a limit of 15 gallons of hazardous waste (combined total) that can be transported at one time.

Limit fluorescent bulbs and tubes and bulbs to 15.

Material Units Allowed
Acids Gal 15 Gal
Aerosol Cans Each 15
Anti-Freeze Gal 15 Gal
Auto Product Gal 15 Gal
Ballasts Lbs. 125 Lbs.
Battery Non- Lead, positive & negative ends of batteries should be taped with clear tape, no duct tape Lbs. 125 Lbs.
Battery- Automobile Lbs. 125 Lbs.
Battery- Capacitor Lbs. 125 Lbs.
Flares Each 3
Extinguishers Each 3
Contaminated Debris< 1 Gal Gal 15 Gal
Contaminated Debris> 1 Gal Lbs. 125 Lbs.
Flammable Liquid Gal 15 Gal
Fluorescent Tubes & Bulbs Each 15
CFL Bulbs Each 15
HID- Halogen Bulbs Each 15
U- Tubes Each 15
Gas Cylinders- 1 Gallon Each 15
Gas Cylinders- 5 Gallon Each 3
Janitorial Products Gal 15 Gal
Oxidizers Solid/Liquid Gal 15 Gal
Narcotics Lbs. 5 Lbs.
Mercury Gal 15 Gal
Oil-Household Hazard Gal 15 Gal
Contaminated Oil Gal 15 Gal
Oil Filters Gal 15 Gal
Oil Soaked Rag< 1 Gal Gal 15 Gal
Oil Soaked Rags> 1 Gal Lbs. 125 Lbs.
Oil Based Paint Gal 15 Gal
Water Based Paint Gal 15 Gal
Pesticides Gal 15 Gal
Toxic Liquid/Solid Gal/ Lbs. 15 Gal/125 Lbs.
Materials NOT allowed
NO EXPLOSIVES Whatsoever (Gun Powder, Dynamite, etc.)
No Asbestos of any type
No Oxygen Tanks
Nothing Bigger than 5 Gal Propane Tank
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